What it means to have a destination wedding

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Destination weddings are hugely popular.  It is a wonderful way to embrace a location that has been meaningful to a couple or family and celebrate it.  Hosting a destination mountain wedding can be daunting to plan but the rewards are great.  The weddings we host here at Lonesome Valley are almost exclusively classified as “destination.”  Even if the couple or parents are local then the majority of the guests are coming from out of town or even from other countries.  Most often, everyone is coming from afar. 

Hosting a wedding in this part of the world breeds a different wedding experience.  By being surrounded by the serenity of nature, guests get a chance to decompress.  They are more relaxed therefore the family, and ultimately the couple, are more relaxed with them.  It gives folks from bigger cities the chance to look up at the stars or enjoy time around a bonfire, throw on some hiking boots and get lost for a few hours.  For good or bad, cellphone coverage is pretty spotty around here so people are forced to detach from their devices and enjoy their surroundings.  

Destination weddings have morphed in to mini adventure vacations. It is a great time to bring your friends and family to a part of the world that they may have never explored before.  Outdoor activities like hiking, fishing and kayaking are natural ways to keep guests entertained.  I often hear from clients that they chose Western North Carolina for their destination wedding in hopes of keeping their guest count down, but in my experience, people are so intrigued with this area that not only do they check “yes” on their RSVP but they will likely be staying a few extra days to really soak it in.