How about them apples?

Sitting atop of the hill above Canyon Kitchen is a quaint patch of trees. Still green, these trees are not only surviving and thriving, but also sprouting new life. Finally, the crisp fall air has brought apples to the branches of these trees—creating an autumn sight that has been eagerly awaited.

Naturally, the culinary team has been anxious to roll out their apple cobbler recipes and their cozy fall sweaters. Every day since the apples have started to ripen, pastry chef, Jorden, and her staff have walked the short distance up the hill to collect enough apples for their pastries and jams. They bring wooden baskets full of apples back to the bakeshop, and line the counters of their work space with the marbled red-green skin of harvested fruit. From this point, the apples become everything from the base of pie fillings to the garnish for desert plates.

It is wonderfully autumnal at Canyon Kitchen with offerings of apple and biscuit bread pudding on the weekly menu.  An insider source hinted that apple monkey bread might be on the menu in the coming weeks and that a fresh batch of apple butter is underway!  Feel free to stop in to experience the delightful aromas of the season and to receive more information on what the team is cooking up this week.

apples on tree