Archived Menus

Spaghetti Squash “Ramen” Crispy Heritage Pork Belly, East Coast Oyster, Scallions, Pickled Mushrooms and Kombu, CK Ramen Broth

Archive Menu – August 23rd

Heirloom Tomato Salad
Pickled Diva Cucumbers, Speckled Trout Lettuce, Crispy Okra, Tomato “Caesar” Dressing, Carolina Romano 

Spaghetti Squash “Ramen”
Crispy Heritage Pork Belly, East Coast Oyster, Scallions, Pickled Mushrooms and Kombu, CK Ramen Broth 

Silver Queen Corn & Crab Fritter
Salsa Verde, Cotija, Cilantro 

Heirloom Eggplant
Eggplant- Miso Puree, Chamomile Cured Ahi Tuna, Pickled Eggplant, Crispy Eggplant 

Roasted Pisgah Acorn Squash Ras El Hanout
Shaved Asian Pears, Smoked Benton’s Country Ham, Brown Butter Miso Vinaigrette, Nasturtium  

 Joyce Farms Fried Chicken Livers 
Black Oat- Duck Fat Waffle, Watermelon Hot Sauce Caramel, Whipped Duck “Butter”, Pickled Watermelon Relish 

Seared Joyce Farms Duck Breast 
Duck Confit-Pea Panisse, Pickled Plums, Grilled Shishito Peppers, Pepper Jus 

Roasted Lamb 
Jefferson Scarlett Rice Yogurt, Curried Coconut Milk- Tomato Stew,
Curried Lemon Chermoula, Squash Escabeche 

Seared Sunburst Trout
Crispy Carringer Farms Potatoes, Kale, Mustard Vinaigrette, Anchovy Chimichurri, 
Marinated Chicken of the Wood Mushrooms, Trout Roe

Sour Dough Chocolate Cake
Lemon Marmalade, Whipped Ruby Chocolate Ganache, Matcha Ice Cream, Pistachio Dust

Peach Pie
 Candied Almonds and Ginger, Anise Hissop, Bourbon & Caramel Swirl Ice Cream, Peach Essence 

 Blueberry Pavlova
House Made Vanilla Yogurt, Seed and Honey Granola, Hibiscus Sweet Tea Gel, Blueberry Sorbet 

 Sequachie Cove Nickajack  
+House-Made Saltine Cracker, Fresh Figs, Spiced Pepitas, Fig Jam  

Archive menu June 2019

Archive Menu – Opening 2019

“Kilt” Lettuce
Benton’s Bacon, Cider Vinegar, Marinated Beets, Shaved Shallots, Green Garlic-Cornbread Croutons 

 Joyce Farm’s Chicken Livers Sauce Piquant
Confit Thigh, Crispy Dirty Carolina Gold Rice, Trinity Jam  

 Mountain Trout Brandade Fritter
Pickled Ramp Tartar Sauce, CK Pea Shoots 

 Pot Likker Dumplin’s 
Collard Greens, Pot Likker Consommé, Country Ham Tuille  

Grilled Asparagus and King Trumpet Mushroom Bonito 
Cured and Crispy Egg Yolk, Ramp Top Goddess, Roasted Spring Carrots 

 Nettle Gnocchi
Braised Hocks, Crispy Carolina Romano, Smoked Hock Jus

 Lamb Ragout 
Carrot Agnolotti, Spring Peas, CK Garden Herbs 

 Brasstown NC Ribeye
Smoked Petite Onions, Chicken of the Woods Etouffee, Pommes Anna 

 Crispy Soft Shell Crab
Guinea Flint PolentaSpring Onions and Radishes, Crab Roe XO Sauce

Pineapple Cake
Milk Crumble, Caramel Jam, Coffee and Sweet Milk Sauce, Spiced Pineapple Sherbet 
 Lemon Souffle Tart
Rosemary Crust, Carbonated Blueberries, Sweet Pickled Rhubarb, Lavender Lemonade Reduction, 
Champagne and Strawberry Sorbet 

Mississippi Mud Cake (GF)
Baked Chocolate Ganache, Toasted Marshmallow Mousse, Bourbon Gel, Coca-Cola Granita 

 Chapel Hill Creamery Carolina Moon Cheese Plate 
Fresh Baked Farmer’s Roll, Roasted Strawberries, Pickled Rhubarb, Honey Mustard 

Archive Menu – May 24th


Pimento Cheese Fry Pie, Green Tomato Relish, Crimson Fermented Chili Flakes, Romesco

Lamb Belly, Wild Knotweed, Poached Egg, Radishes, Vinaigrette

Soft Shell Crab Relleno, Sea Island Blue Grits, Chorizo, Guajillo Consommé

Spring “Collards”, Kale, Baby Turnip Greens, Tatsoi, Mint, Benton’s Bacon Lardons, Warm Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Green Garlic-Potato Soup, Green Garlic Beignets, GA Pumpkin Seed Oil


Hot Oyster Tacos, Spiced Tortilla, B & B Tomatillo Relish, Avocado Crema, Micro Cilantro

White Sweet Potato-Miso Puree, Fried White Sweet Potatoes, Crispy Sweet Potato Leaves

NC Fluke Crudo, Asparagus, Turnip, Charred Lemon Vinaigrette, Chili Oil

Ricotta Gnocchi, LA Crawfish, Sweet Peas, Tarragon, Country Ham, Crispy Parmesan

Ramps, Potato Aioli, Ramp Top Salsa Verde, Eggs, Sunburst Trout Roe


Rabbit Ragout, Pancetta, Spring Vegetables, Geechie Boy Grits, Nettle Pesto, Seared Rabbit Loin

Brasstown Beef Tenderloin, Smashed Fingerlings, Grilled Mushrooms, Wilted Chard, Blue Cheese Aioli

Pork Belly, Green Strawberry Chow Chow, Spring Vegetable Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Pheasant, Grilled CK Spring Onions, King Oyster Mushroom “Etouffee”, House Goat Cheese Pommes Anna

Roasted Rack of Lamb, Curry Okra & Tomatoes, Chermoula, Charleston Gold Rice, Cilantro


Chocolate Lava Tart, Oreo Crust, Whipped Dark Chocolate Ganache, Maple Walnuts, White Chocolate Macaron, Caramel Crème Anglaise, Chicken Coupe Raspberries, Chocolate Sorbet

Blueberry Lassi Chouettes, House Yogurt, Kefir Lime, Caramelized Coconut Milk, Orange Puree, Brown Butter Dust, Finger Lime, Orange Sherbet

Daquoise Layered with Cream Cheese Cremeux, Roasted Strawberry Buttercream, Rhubarb Syrup, Chocolate Dirt, Graham Cracker, Lemon Ice Cream

Caly Road Big Bloomy Cheese, Almond Soda Bread, House
Almond Butter, Szechuan Button Honey, Bitter Chocolate Sauce, Carbonated Berries



james beard restaurant

Archive Menu – October 11th

Pull Up A Chair

Crab in the Pumpkin Patch

Curry Pumpkin Bisque, Preserved Lemon Crab Salad

Coconut Milk, Toasted Seed Brittle, Cilantro


Now Ur Just Pidlin’

Hennessy the Hen

Ravioli of Hen of the Wood Mushrooms, Quail Egg, Hennessy Cream

Garden “Pesto”, Toasted Walnuts, Reggiano, Lemon Salt

 Three Little Pigs

House Sausage, Smoked Iberico Pork Secreto, Briased Pork Shank

Crispy Chicharron Beans, Braisage, Hot Apple


Dinner Bell

Southern Francisco

Crispy Carolina Catfish, Little Neck Clams, Wild Shrimp, Curly Cress, Basil

Hushpuppies, Pickled Banana Peppers, Ciopinno Sauce, Pickled Fennel


The Duck with No Name

Seared Duck Breast, Red Miso Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Potato Leaf Pistou

Pickled Mustard Seeds, Plum Gastrique, Turnip Kimchi


It May Look Short but It Takes It’s Time

Twenty-Four Hour Sous Vide Short Ribs, Twice Baked Potato & Marrow

Braised Dino Kale, Pickled Garden Carrots, Gremolata


Supper Ain’t Supper Without Dessert

Apple, Bun, and Caramel, Oh My!

Hillside Caramel Apple Sticky Bun, Pecans in Syrup, Butterscotch Mousse

Caramelized Sweet Cream, Dolce de Leche Ice Cream


It’s Pumpkin Season Y’all

Chocolate Stout Cake, Cocoa Nib Lace, Pumpkin Seed Crumble

Pumpkin Butter, Orange Puree, Chocolate Sauce, Stout Ice Cream


Who Fluffed my Banana

Banana Custard Baked in a Sable Crust, Torched Bananas

Peanut Cream, Bananas Foster Sauce, ‘Nilla Wafer Ice Cream


Archive Menu – August 9th

Pull Up A Chair

Watermelon Napoleon Dynamite

Discs Of Watermelon, Basil Gelee, Feta Cheese Crema, Crisp Disk Of Pancetta,

Lime Liquid-Gel, Guajillo Chili Oil

Now Ur Just Pidlin’

Dieman Dave Judy Chop

Glazed Pork Belly, Garden Vegetables, Plum Sauce, Beartie County Peanuts, Basil, Pickled Plums, Easter Egg Radish, Cilantro


Is Chef from Texas??

Smoked Beef Brisket, Coffee Rub, White Bread, Pickles, Garden Onion, Jalapeños, Alabama White

Dinner Bell

  Snip it, Snap it, Fire it Up, Come Along….

Seared Snapper, Maque Choux Spoonbread, Purple Green Bean “Slaw”,

Heirloom Tomato Beurre Blanc


Wind Beneath My Wings

Crispy Chicken Breast, Chicken Andouille, Sweet Potato Hash, Blue Cheese Crumble, House Hot Sauce, Cucumber Salad, Shishito Peppers


Wam Bam Lamb

Tomato Braised Carrots, Toasted Cumin, Green Coriander Pesto, Toasted Farro,

Pepper Eggplant Jam, Mint Salad, Preserved Lemon Yogurt


Supper Ain’t Supper Without Dessert

Bring All Your Dreams to Me

Buttermilk Pie, Lemon Cream, Roasted Peach, Blueberry Macaron,

Mint And Basil Granita


You Are All I’ve Ever Needed

Cheese Cake Parfait, Orange Marmalade, Compressed Candy Stripper Beets, Black Walnut And Graham Crumble, Shredded Phyllo, Blackberry Sorbet


Baby, You’re the Best

Daquoise, Butterfinger, Milk Chocolate Creameux, Chocolate Sauce, Caramelized Sweet Cream, Peanut Brittle, Salted Caramel Sorbet


Farm fresh ingredients from the garden of Canyon Kitchen

Archive Menu – June 9th

Pull Up A Chair

Garden of Eden
Strawberries, Blueberries, Duck Egg Sabayon, Flower, Cucamelon
Cucumber Vinaigrette, Lavender, Basil, Citrus Burst

Castillo Perelada, Brut, Reserve Cava, Catalonia, Spain       10 / 38

Now Yer Just Pidlin’

Georgia on My Mind
Fried Georgia Shrimp, Corn Soubise, Pickled Watermelon Rind
Strawberry Soffritto, Basil Oil

Santa Barbara, Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, Italy 2016     10 / 36


 Tickle, Tickle, Tickle
Sous Vide Lamb Ribs, Kentucky Soy Miso Glaze, Savoy Cabbage
Radish, Benne, Wild Ginger

  1. Guigal Cotes Du Rhone, Rhone Valley, France 2013 10 / 36

Dinner Bell

Snowy Summer Group
Gulf Snowy Grouper, Creamy Gumbo Rice, CK Crispy Okra
Lady Pea Relish, Fermented Fresno Beurre Blanc

Morgan, Santa Lucia Highlands, California 2013     15 / 58


Kaboom Phez
Grilled Pheasant Breast, Confit Thigh, Blistered Cherry Tomatoes, Squash
Oyster Mushrooms, Crispy Pickled Onion, Ramp Chimichurri

Aberrant Cellars, Confero, Willamette Valley, Oregon 2014    14 / 55


 Fie, Fi, Fo, Filet
Brasstown Ribeye, “Smashed” Potatoes
Turnips, Fried Broccoli, Pimento Cheese Fondue

Tintero, Barbaresco, Piedmont, Italy 2014     14 / 56

Supper Ain’t Supper Without Dessert

Strawberry Angel
Angel Food Cake Layered with Strawberry Chiffon and Cream Cheese
Raspberry Rhubarb Essence, Graham Cracker, Chocolate Dirt, Vanilla Ice Cream


Tastee Treat
Vanilla Chiffon Cake, Butterscotch Mousse, Kettle Corn Lace, Boozy Berries
Bacon & Brown Sugar Crème Anglaise, Bourbon Ice Cream


Pay Day Pie
Chocolate Tart with a Caramel & Peanut Top, Milk Chocolate Macaron
Service Berry Compote, Chocolate Sauce, Toasted Hazelnut, Pistachio Gelato


Archive Menu – May 18th

Pull Up A Chair

50 Shades of Green
Rock Shrimp Ceviche, Compressed Honey Dew, Cilantro
Tomatillo Sauce, Cucumber, Radish, Fir Shoots
Szechuan Button, Mezcal, Sea Salt, Topeka Caviar

Txomin Etxaniz, Txakoli, Getaria, Spain 2015       11 / 44

Now Yer Just Pidlin’

“Sweep the leg Johnny!”
Soft Shell Crab “Chili Relleno”, Johnny Cake Tempura
Johnny Red Grits, Queso Fresca, Poblano Sauce

Bodegas Naia Naiades, Rueda, Spain 2011     12 / 45


 “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse…”
Nduja Arancini, Marcona Romesco, Preserved Lemon Aioli, Parsley Salad

Hecht & Bannier, Rose, Cotes de Provence, France 2015      12 / 42

Dinner Bell

“It’s a Fugazi, forget about it!”
Wild Salmon Pastrami, Horseradish Turnips
Rye Crust, Bagnarotte, Bok Choy “Kraut”

Morgan, Santa Lucia Highlands, California 2013      15 / 58


“Chip, I’m gonna come at you like a spider monkey!”
Tea Brined Pork Loin, Anson Mills Clay Pot Beans
Greens, Roasted Carrots, Tasso Sauce, Cider Molasses

Guigal Cotes Du Rhone, Rhone Valley, France 2013 10 / 36


The Titanic
Ribeye Filet, “Loaded Potato”, Benton Bacon, House Sour Cream, Chive
Southern Harmony Aged Cheddar, Asparagus, Shrooms, Demi

Gainey, Merlot, Santa Ynez Valley, California 2010    12 / 42

Supper Ain’t Supper Without Dessert

“If he’s trying to drive me crazy it’s too late.”
Strawberry Pie, Pink Lemonade Curd, Cream Cheese Crémeux
Lavender Sable Cookie, Vanilla Ice Cream


“It ain’t got no gas in it.”
Buttermilk Panna Cotta, Corn Cake, Citrus Ganache
Kettle Corn Lace, Milk Crumble, Blueberry Sherbet


“The suspense is terrible…. I hope it will last!”
Bar of Chocolate Cake, Peanut Macaroons, Whipped Milk Chocolate
Coffee Sauce, Salted Peanut Brittle, Chocolate Sorbet


James Beard Dinner – November 17th

James Beard House Menu

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hors d’oeuvres

Shrimp Butter, Peasant Bread, Lady Edison Prosciutto, Pickled Vegetables

Gougéres, Rabbit Rillete, Pickled Ramps, Tarragon

In the Kitchen

Capers Blades Oyster, House Vinegar Mignonette, Curry Cocktail,

Hot Sauce, Garden Aioli, Crackers

Tongue and Cheek

Brined Beef Tongue, Braised Cheek, Lusty Monk Mustard, Pickle

Davis Family

Cuvee Luke, Sierra Foothills, California 2014

Rose de Noir, Russian River, California 2013

For the Table

Ham and Cheese Biscuits, Corn Bread, Peasant Bread, Chow Chow, CK Apple Butter,

Pepper Relish, Brown Butter and Honey, Assorted Pickled Garden Vegetables,

Pickled Ramps, CK Crispy Okra

Dinner Bell

The Natives Are Restless

Cherokee Heirloom Grits, Heavy Cream, Smoked Sunburst Trout Lardons,

Pea Shoots, Sorrel, Baby Herbs

Arterberry Maresh, Maresh Vineyard, Dundee Hills, Oregon 2014

 Someday the Mountain Might Get ’em, But the Law Never Will

Moonshine Braised Joyce Farms Guinea Hen, Cruz Buttermilk Biscuit Dumplin’s, Garden Kale, Pickled Carrots, Muscadine Vincotto, Cracklings, Yellow Branch Reserve

Regis Bouvier ‘En Montre Cul’ Rouge, Burgundy, France 2014


Cats Who Lay?

Sorghum Braised Heritage Pork Collar, Purple Cape Beans, House Bacon,

Pork Rind Crust

Abberant Cellars, Carpe Nocteum, Willamette Valley, Oregon 2009

Them Sheep’s got Hot Racks!

Border Springs Lamb Rack, Curry Stewed Okra and Tomatoes,

Charleston Gold Rice, Cilantro, Chermoula

Bodegas Muga Rioja Reserva, Rioja, Spain 2012


Who the Hell Serves Brisket at the James Beard House?  We DO!

A Farmer and a Chef’s Secret Rub, Brasstown Beef Brisket, Bone Marrow Hollandaise, Green Bean Casserole, Cherokee Rose Cream, Foraged Chanterelles

Sandrone Nebbiolo, Piedmont, Italy 2014


The Ring of Fire

Hillside Apples and Brandy, Spiced Orange Creameux Cylinder, Shredded Phyllo, Caramel, Citrus Cake, Ring of Troy and Sons Whiskey Fire

Jorge Ordonez Victoria, Malaga, Spain 2011


Archive Menu – September 15th


The Pans in the Yella

Eggplant Croutons, Juusto Cheese Croutons, White Bread Croutons,

Marinated Cucumbers, Cherry Tomatoes, Garden Herbs, Muscadine Vinaigrette



Low Country in Cabo

Jalapeño Cheese Grits Chili Relleno, Johnny Cake Batter, Micro Cilantro,

Port Royal Shrimp, Tasso Gravy, Guajillo Sauce


No Soup for You!

Short Rib Steamed Bun, Shiitake Mushrooms, Butternut Squash, Baby Mustard Greens, Mushroom Miso Broth



How Did the Redfish Get So Black?

Blackened Redfish, Red Rice, Cucumber Salad, Pea Shoots


Smoked on the Water

Smoked Pork Loin, Desiree Potato Au Gratin, Fried Squash, Apple Cider Gastrique


The Shortest Loin on Earth

Grilled Elk Loin, Sweet Potato Puree, Cremini Mushrooms, Golden Beets,

Braised Greens, Blackberry Demi-Glace



Sweet Home Lonesome Valley

Fried Sweet Biscuit, Roasted Hillside Caramel Apples, Oat Streusel Crunch, Autumn Olive Puree,

Cinnamon Crème Anglaise, Dolce De Leche Ice Cream



Doughnut Bread Pudding, Peanut Brittle, Torched Figs, Foie Gras Mousse,

Brown Butter Ice Cream, Red Wine Gastrique, Dark Chocolate Sauce


Sparks Will Fly

Daquoise Cake Brie Mousse, CK Raspberry Gelie, Almond Creameux,

Grilled Pear, Hazelnut Ice Cream, Ck Raspberry Sauce, Lemon Crème Anglaise, Honey Comb Candy


Dinner $56

Plus An 18% Service Charge And Tax, Not Including Beverages.

farm to table garden dining cashiers, nc

Archive Menu – July 1, 2016


What?#! Cherokee Purple Sorbet??
Pie Crumble, Arugula Pistou, Balsamic Reduction, Garden Greens, CK Crispy Okra


Shrimp! Too Hot to Boil
Fried Gulf Shrimp, Fingerling Potato, Roasted Sausage,
Old Bay Corn Aioli, Zucchini Salad


Peter Piper Picked Pickled Peppers, Peaches and Prosciuttos
Grilled and Chilled Peaches, Raceway Lettuces, Pickled Banana Peppers,
Lady Edison Prosciutto, Thai Basil, Truffle Honey Vinaigrette


  Is it a Mole or a Striped Bass?
Pan Roasted Wild Stripe Bass, Lime Sweet Potatoes, Benne Blue Lake Beans, Chef’s Molé


Guinea’s Don’t Fly They Fry
Buttermilk Brined & Bean Breaded Breast, Confit Fried Thigh, Creamed Corn Grits, Skillet Green Beans, Apple Cider Reduction


The Spine vs. The Vine
Grilled Spinalis Steak, Whipped Potatoes, Marinated Cherry Tomatoes, Fig Vincotto


Last Night Was Awesome
Almond Cake, Peach Mousse, Torched Vanilla Custard, Bourbon Gastrique, Crystallized Ginger, Cinnamon Ice Cream


Public Safety’s Midnight Snack
Milk Chocolate Glaze, Peanut Butter Mousse, Vanilla Cremeux, Candied Pistachios, Strawberry Jam, Mocha Sorbet


Next Week’s Special
Lemon Souffle Tart, Honey Comb Candy, Marshmallow Fluff, Raspberry Coulis, Blueberry Ice Cream

Rustic Wedding Reception Barn

Archive Menu – May 31, 2016


Ploughman’s Plate
Shrimp Butter, Pickled Vegetable, Mangalista Prosciutto,
Pheasant Bread, Moses Cove Cheese


Bacon, Beets and Beans
Jade Beans, Romano Beans, Beet Vinaigrette, Baby Beets, Bacon Lardons, Watercress,
Pickled Peppers & Vidalia Onions, Feta Cheese


Blue Crab Croquettes
Piquillo Romesco, Grana Padano Cheese, Green Goddess Aioli


Pan Seared Sable Fish
Roasted Squash, Spinach Pasta, Garden Herb Pisotu, Ripe Tomato Broth


Hickory Nut Gap Pork Chop
Ale Kale, Whipped Sweet Potatoes, Vidalia Onion Pan Gravy,
Beer Battered Onion Ring


Border Springs Lamb Rack
Coconut Cream Charleston Gold Rice, Curry Stewed Okra & Tomatoes,
Chermoula, Mint Chimichurri


Buttermilk Pie
Poached Rhubarb, Strawberry Ice Cream, Pistachio Brittle, Blackberry Reduction


Cheese Cake
Brie and Cream Cheese Custard, Almond Daquoise, Blueberry Macaroon, Orange Confit, Watermelon Granita


Monkey Bread
Fluffy Puff Pastry, Vanilla Cake, Butter Pecans, Chocolate Sorbet, Caramel Sauce, Rum Creme Anglaise

Archive Menu – September 29, 2015


Autumn Salad
Baby kale, roasted fall squash, dried cherries, Juusto cheese croutons,
Hillside apples, baby beets, warm bacon & apple cider vinaigrette


Acorn Squash and Apple bisque
Spiced pecans, Sorghum Syrup Foam, Aleppo Chili Salt


Snapper Brandade Gnocchi
Salted snapper, smoked sturgeon lardons, cream, French sorrel, preserved lemon,
Grana Padano, herb salad


Prosciutto Wrapped Sunburst Trout
Old Mill of Guilford grits with Ashe county Hoop cheddar, late season green beans,
basil beurre blanc


Ed’s Fried Chicken
Buttermilk brined Ashley Farms chicken breast, Yukon mash potatoes,
Braised greens, truffle honey butter


Cast Iron Elk Tender Loin
Sweet potato puree, mustard glazed Brussel sprouts, blackberry demi-glace


Pecan Tart
Roasted hillside apples, maple glaze, rum raisins, lemon ice cream


Pumpkin “Tiramisu”
Chocolate lady finger, pumpkin mousse, espresso gelato, cocoa steusel

farm to table fine dining

Archive Menu – August 31, 2015


Smoked South Texas Antelope
Chili verde, squash & goat cheese tamale



Manchester Farms Quail
Ginger rice waffle batter, Anson Mills speckled grits, late season peach jam,
pickled green tomato, Sorghum Molasses Vinaigrette


End of Summer Bounty
Crispy fried oysters, heirloom tomatoes, Benton’s bacon,
Juusto cheese croutons, garden basil, lady peas, truffle corn ranch


Prosciutto Wrapped Sunburst Trout
Hoop cheddar grits, sautéed pole beans, toasted almond mustard sauce


Fatback Project Pork Chop
Sea Island Red pea’s, braised collard greens, red eye gravy, CK15 apple butter


Creekstone Strip Steak
Heirloom tomato pie, marinated summer vegetables, CK crispy okra, chimichurri


Chocolate Bread Pudding
Kettle corn, espresso foam, CK apple sauce, buttermilk ice cream


Walnut Tart
Bruleed figs, brie ganache, confit orange, caramelized honey


Truffle Brioche Donut
Truffle crème, caramelized white chocolate mousse, dolce de leche, truffle lace cookie



farm to table restaurant cashiers, nc

Archive Menu – July 22, 2015


A Southern Farmer’s Plate
Shrimp butter, pheasant bread, pickled okra, roasted baby beets, Sweet Grass
Dairy Green Hill cheese, Johnston County prosciutto


Summer Ratatouille
Cherokee Purple tomato bisque, garden squash, roasted peppers, arugula pistou,
CK micro basil, GA olive oil, balsamic reduction
The Summer Sun
Fried gulf oysters, Cherokee purples, lady peas, Benton’s bacon, garden basil, Juusto
cheese croutons, truffle corn ranch


Cheshire Pork
“Scallops” Anson Mills speckled grits, CK garden kale, braised pork cheek “gravy”,
jalapeño popcorn
Corn Crusted Flounder
Braised fennel, tomato and squash, blue crab watercress salad, Harissa
Cast Iron Seared Painted Hills Spinalis
Zucchini frites, potato puree, blistered sungold tomatoes, herb butter, sauce choron


Vanilla Panna Cotta
Cucumber gel, watermelon granita, pistachio meringue, nectarines and blackberries
Mousse Cake
Brandy soaked cake, chocolate mousse, plum butter, pink peppercorn crème
Canyon Kitchen Garden farm to table restaurant cashiers

Archive Menu – June 24, 2015


Brassstown Beef Carpaccio
Fennel arugula salad, crispy okra, chive yogurt, vincotto, herb sea salt


Manchester Farms Quail
Sorghum sweet potato, soy pickled shiitake mushrooms, kale, grilled peaches,
Bertie County peanuts, Busy Bee tulip poplar honey
Beet Salad
Roasted beets, crispy goat cheese, Arugula, brioche crouton
beet vinaigrette


Cheerwine Braised Duck
Field peas, Benton’s bacon, roasted squash, Johnny cakes,
blue lake runner beans pistou
Corn Crusted Wreckfish
Cucumbers, heirloom tomatoes, jalapeño, pistachio pesto, Harissa
BBQ Braised Skirt Steak
Corn gnocchi, broccolini, confit tomatoes, chimichurri


Early Summer Pound Cake
Roasted peach ice cream, macerated local black berries, butter and honey pecans,
blueberry mousse, ginger sauce
Buttermilk Pie
Flaky pie crust, Cedar Creek raspberries, caramelized white chocolate mousse,
red wine gastrique, toasted almonds