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About Lonesome Valley

Lonesome Valley is a private, gated community in Cashiers, North Carolina, encompassing nearly 800 acres nestled in the cool, temperate forests of the Blue Ridge Escarpment. Framed by ancient granite peaks and laced with clear mountain streams, Lonesome Valley offers residents a closer connection with nature, the simple joys of a farm estate and the satisfaction of time well spent with family and friends.

Our Vision

Nature invites us to slow down, relax and consider her simple yet elegant patterns. Recognizing its unique responsibility to preserve and protect this special place, Lonesome Valley abides by the principles of conservation and stewardship. This ethos is revealed in our outdoor recreation and adventure, rich and meaningful relationships, harmony of homes that complement their natural settings and seasonal celebrations of life. Life in the Valley – naturally inspired.

Our History

In 1895, E. H. Jennings and several industrialist friends from Pittsburgh purchased over 35,000 acres in western North Carolina.  This vast real estate holding spanned a unique geographic region, later known as the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau. Over time, the Jennings’ land had been pared down to 800 acres that grandson Richard rode, fished and hunted with dedicated determination to protect it. In the subsequent decades, the Jennings family managed the Valley’s forests and established mink and trout farms along with other farm activities.  Developers began to take notice of the magnificent vistas, rolling green meadows and clear mountain streams. In order to preserve their father’s commitment to preserve the integrity of the land, the next generation of Jennings: siblings Sally, Dick and Binford; realized that if change and development were inevitable, then they preferred to undertake the effort themselves.

With a plan for the future deeply rooted in the past, the Jennings decided in 2005 to reestablish and expand their family farmstead. Taking inspiration from the natural cow-shaped image found on Cow Rock Mountain – one of two massive granite walls that define the eastern rim of the canyon – the Lonesome Valley logo was established, along with the vision for a community that rekindled childhood joys and freedoms. Conservation areas, dedicated common spaces, responsible deed restrictions and thoughtful architectural guidelines ensure the Jennings’ legacy will be protected for future generations. Today, Lonesome Valley is a model of agrarian simplicity, communal authenticity and historic preservation.  The Jennings family proudly welcomes new families and friends to the Valley and all that it offers.

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