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Lonesome Valley is a master planned community encompassing nearly 800 acres of verdant forests and meadows surrounded by 1,000 foot granite faces. Elevations range from 3,200 feet at the Valley floor to 4,200 feet atop Cow Rock Mountain. Our architecture reflects the rich, regional tradition of the southern Appalachian homestead. Lonesome Valley has been a vibrant family farm for five generations, and so it shall remain for future generations.  A place where hill and house live together, each the happier for the other.

No house should ever be on a hill or on anything. It should be of the hill. Belonging to it. Hill and house should live together each the happier for the other.
— Frank Lloyd Wright

Estate properties comprise nearly ninety percent of the community homesites ranging from one to eight acres, averaging over two acres. Estate lots can accommodate a variety of home options including any of our exclusive home plans, modified home plans or custom designs, subject to review and approval.

Cottage lots range in size from one half to one acre homesites within planned neighborhoods. In order to maintain design consistency, cottage neighborhood’s offer prescribed architecture. Throughout Lonesome Valley all utilities are underground.  Central community water and wastewater systems eliminate the expense and special considerations related to individual wells and septic systems and promote maximum design flexibility for each homesite.

Lonesome Valley offers an exclusive collection of home plans that allow families to select the design that best fits their desired goals.  This approach saves both time and cost as these plans are pre-approved with complete construction documents, a low re-use fee and simplified review requirements.  Custom home plans are also welcomed, subject to architectural review and approval. Our development philosophy encourages smaller homes and outbuildings that blend with their natural settings and exist in proper scale with their environment. Size matters. In an age of high tech home technologies, perhaps the “greenest” step in a home’s design and construction is accomplished by simply limiting its footprint and related impacts. We firmly hold to the tenet of “less is more” and we encourage our owners to invest in special details and quality finishes rather than mass and volume.

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1634 Lonesome Valley Road

5 Bedrooms, 5.5 Bathrooms
In Homes

Home Site 118

2.44 +/- Acres
In Home Sites / Rock View / View

Home Site 120

2.25 +/- Acres
In Home Sites

Home Site 121

1.69 +/- Acres
In Home Sites / Stream Front / View

Home Site 122 – UNDER CONTRACT

2.27 +/- Acres
In Home Sites / Stream Front

Home Site 124

1.26 +/- Acres
In Home Sites / Stream Front / View

Home Site 141

1.02 +/- Acres
In Home Sites / Stream Front

Home Site 156

1.57 +/- Acres
In Home Sites / Phase 5 / View

Home Site 157

3.43 +/- Acres
In Home Sites

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